General FAQs

You can access DFW from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Yes, please see security FAQs for more information.

You will need high-speed Wi-Fi or data, a computer, tablet, or smart phone device.

For any technical issues please reach out to or for any other issues, please email and one of our team members will get back to you ASAP.

All modules have a different number of lessons depending on the topic. Each module has at least one quiz and again, DFW is self-paced so you can go as quickly or slowly as you would like.

BCH offers award winning, financial wellness training for workforce and student populations leveraging more than 40 years of financial wellness expertise and program development experience. Our 21st Century financial literacy/wellness training exposes, educates, and empowers employees, pre-retirees, students, parents, and alumni. We use proprietary, evidenced-based technology, resources, and research to meet and reach each audience member where they are financially. Central to our cause is shaping Public Policy to create measurable outcomes that improve the financial health of everyone. Financial readiness and fitness are attitudes that we inspire our participants to attain. Last, BCH is a company that educates and is not a fiduciary meaning that BCH or DFW does not sell products or services (financial or otherwise) to the end-user.

DFW comes with an abundance of resources for users. We provide digital calculators, personal financial plans, one-on-one opportunities with Sidney and Saundra, access to a private Facebook group, monthly financial newsletters, and monthly live streams hosted by Sidney, Saundra, and Dave.

The order of completion is determined by the institution that made DFW available to you.

It depends on who provided DFW to you. If it is being provided to you by an institution, please check with the appropriate person.

Once your account is deactivated, your information is immediately removed from the server and cannot be retrieved. You will receive advanced notice before your account is closed.

Some browsers block media from playing automatically. Follow these instructions for your browser


  1.  Click on the “Permissions” icon to the left of the URL in the address bar.
  2. Under “Autoplay” select “Allow Audio and Video”


  1. Open your browser settings.
  2. In the left-hand menu, click on “Cookies and site permissions”.
  3. Select “Media Autoplay” from the permissions list.
  4. In the Allow list, click the “Add” button and enter the following text
  5. Click Ok.

Curriculum Related Questions

DFW is self-paced. You get what you put into this course. It can take 2 weeks or 2 months depending on your pace and availability of information.

You will receive a welcome email that will include a layout and objectives for the upcoming modules. You will also receive an email with a temporary password that you can change on the “Contact Page” on DFW.

Some schools or businesses will require you to complete this course. BCH does not require it, but we highly encouraged it. As long as your account is active, your information will be available to complete at any time.

This depends on your employer or school. We can count this class as a credit if requested. Please reach out to your administrative point of contact for any questions.

Application Security

The learning management system is built upon a custom implementation of the WordPress platform which requires your email address as your username. Your first and last name are optional, and allow for a more personalized learner experience if provided. The custom calculators and Wealth Management Plan are also optional components. If used, they require financial information related to your income, expenses, and goals. If desired, you may use a “nickname” instead of your real name to protect your identity. No account information is required from your financial institutions, and the data is stored in a separate database from the WordPress user data, so if you use a nickname, your information is completely de-identified.

You are not required to use them. We alternatively provide the calculators as Excel spreadsheets which you can download and save to your personal computer.  Most of our customers believe the calculators are unique in the information they bring together for you into one place. We encourage you to use them for educational purposes, even if the data provided is not entirely accurate, so you can learn financial best practices based on our program.

All of the forms on our site are SSL-Encrypted, so you have secure transmission of data from your computer or mobile device to our servers. In addition, our servers are penetration tested regularly by certified cyber security experts and we maintain an A grade on the tests. Our servers are regularly patched as updates are released. If you choose to do so, you may subscribe to a premium plan which includes a custom sub-domain for your organization and a virtual private server for your organization only.

If you cancel your account with us, we immediately remove your user account from our Learning Management System and your financial data from our calculators. If you wish to make your account dormant and retain your data for future, please contact support via the contact information on our support page so we may consider your request.

No, not at this time. Some customers have requested future enhancements to connect with their bank accounts to automatically pull in financial information. This is not currently planned, but is a consideration for our future road map. If included, it will not be required. We encourage customers to enter their data manually as it is an important part of the learning process to go through the steps yourself.

Our system administrators have access to your name and email addresses, but even they cannot view your passwords. The optional financial worksheets are viewable only by you, and not shared with anyone in our organization, your organization, or with third parties.

No. We do not share your personal or financial information with anyone, including our partners or your employers. Our technical team is covered by a strict confidentiality agreement which comes with serious repercussions if breached. Please feel free to reach out to us directly to learn more about how we protect your data or to report a suspected breach of your information.

Many of our customers have requested the ability to transition to a personal plan after leaving their employer. If you would like to transfer to an individual subscription, please reach out to us ( for more information.

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